Frequently Asked Questions





  1. Do you provide shipping?
  • Yes, but customers are responsible for any and all shipping fees, unless otherwise stated per owner.
  1. Do you ship internationally?
  • YES, however, as previously stated you are responsible for any fees associated with the delivery of your items.



  1. Are your garments available on hand?
  • No, all garments are made to order.
  1. Do you have sizes for your garments?
  • No, all garments are not made to US sizing charts they are made by measurement. US sizing charts vary per company, their is no one measurement sizing for all clothing chart. 
  1. How do I get my measurements?
  • You can either go to your local cleaners or tailor. Measurements can also be taken by Sew In Love based on availability. 
  1. Can this be made in plus sizing?
  • There no “plus” size, all garments are made by measurement and not US sizing charts.

*Example -- Bust: 32in, Waist: 24in, and Hips 34in.

(Each customer would need to know their basic measurements to see the correct range\pricing that is applicable to what they are ordering)


  1. What if I can’t find someone to do my measurements, can you do it for me?
  • Sure, for a nominal fee of $15 and I will travel to you to measure you for your order.


**REMEMBER: Each item is made to your personal measurements, which should be provided in the notes to seller section when ordering. If you do not know where your sizing range please measure first before ordering to make sure you are selecting the correct range.



  1. How long does it take for a garment to be made?
  • Depending on availability of fabric, date/time of event and current workload, please allow a production time of up to 4 weeks.
  1. Are all the garments handmade?
  • All garments are handmade by me.
  1. Do you make special occasion dresses?
  • Yes, I do. However, I specialize in Ankara (cotton) or Scuba. I don’t work with feathers, sequins, or lace material at this moment.



  1. Do you have a payment plan?
  • I personally don’t have a payment plan; however, you can sign up for Sezzle where you can wear now and buy later.
  1. Do you have deposit options?
  • Yes, I have deposit options, if you choose not to access, Sezzle.


Full payment is required for any and all purchases up to $75 USD for special orders. Any amount after $75, half of the full amount if required for deposit and the remainder is due upon completion of garment.


Twoee's Touch

  • Twoee's Touch items are prewashed and sanitized in sensitive and fragrance free detergent ready for use. 
  • All items are handmade and ready for shipment unless otherwise stated. 
  • If you are purchasing a Twoee's Touch Duo for a neonate please state in Notes. Or if you want the Duo sent to Neonates with a gift note, please state in notes. 


** Some proceeds from Twoee's Touch orders will go to donations of blanket and Scentees for the NICU babies.